Lands of Hope and Promise: A History of North America (Textbook)


Grade Range: High School

Presenting the history of North America from the landing of Columbus in 1492 to the late 20th century, this volume tells the story of the French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and English settlements, and of the native peoples and cultures with which they interacted and came in conflict. It also describes the events of the European settlement, focusing on the United States as the representative of Anglo-American culture and Mexico as the representative of Latin American culture. In addition to recounting the secular history found in standard textbooks, this volume incorporates the contributions of the Catholic Church, Catholic communities, and individual Catholics—along with Catholic ideas. It paints this history as a narrative, with all the color and drama that belongs to it. End of chapter reviews and other material highlight dates and events, characters in history, and definitions of key terms.

Product Details: 

  • 883 Pages
  • Hardcover

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