Teaching Science so that Students Learn Science

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Product Description


This book addresses many topics: how homework should be handled, regular assessments, review and study strategies for students, classroom management, grading rubrics, lab experiments, and the integration of related subjects (math, history, writing, epistemology). Perfect for teachers of all grade levels, this text is designed to promote and enable students to retain key content and skills for many months and years after the end of the course.

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  • Softcover


About the Publisher

Our friends at Novare and Classical Academic Press are creating science textbooks that inspire wonder in students and guide them to a real understanding—indeed, a mastery—of the material. We at Catholic Textbook Project are absolutely thrilled to work with an organization on the same mission as us. We are proud to partner with Novare and offer their science textbooks on our website!

Together, we’re working to shift the course of education away from measuring minimum requirements and towards genuine nourishment for young hearts and minds.