The Student Lab Report Handbook

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Product Description


This book is not specific to any discipline, so it can be used with physics, biology, chemistry or any other subject. Chapters detail instructions for creating graphs in MS Excel, how to show error bars on spreadsheets, syntax, voice, tense, word choice, technical expression, data analysis, and error prediction. Four sample reports are also included in the back from various disciplines to help students write the reports.

Product Details:

  • 90 pages
  • Softcover


About the Publisher

Our friends at Novare and Classical Academic Press are creating science textbooks that inspire wonder in students and guide them to a real understanding—indeed, a mastery—of the material. We at Catholic Textbook Project are absolutely thrilled to work with an organization on the same mission as us. We are proud to partner with Novare and offer their science textbooks on our website!

Together, we’re working to shift the course of education away from measuring minimum requirements and towards genuine nourishment for young hearts and minds.